From 267 to 147lbs. I Feel 63 Years Young!
  It Started When I learned about a simple
 "10-second morning routine"
 (from another grandmother)

Amanda Stinson
Writer at Healthy And Healthy. Mom of 3, Grandma of 4. Lover of Food now living her best life.
October 17 - 2 min read

Hi there, my name is Amanda ! And I am 63 years YOUNG! 🙂
I still can't believe how my life has transformed in such a manner that I am able to enjoy life to its fullest. I recently found a way to get back to who I used to be……

When my kids were little I was the most energetic and the active mom on the block.
I enjoyed all sorts of activities with my kids and never felt tired.
I was that lady that was able to eat what I wanted like pizza , pasta and burgers.
I never had to exercise because I was able to stay in shape and always had lots of energy.

After my mid 40’s things slowed in my body.
I started gaining slowly. Bloating and mood swings became my everyday things…….

Year after year I kept gaining and before I realized I was 259 ………….

Let's not forget all the other challenges that came with it

❎No Energy
❎Could not get out of bed
❎Body aches and pains
❎Out of breath just walking up the stairs

Few years ago I was blessed with my first grandchild, and I remember being so excited about all of the activities and games I wanted to play with him.

There was just one big issue: I was not 140 anymore. I had gained quite a bit over the years.

I could not Climb flight of stairs without getting short of breath so running after my children was out of question.

I did not know what to do…….

I went to the doctor and did all sorts of tests. Doctors told me what will happen if I did not lose extra …. But no one had the clear answer to why I was gaining.

I researched diets, I reached out to a nutritionist, and I tried everything I could think of. But this additional…. just would not go away.

I felt trapped in my own body. I felt sad, and I began to feel depressed.

I wasn't able to move the way I used to and l couldn't do any activities with my grandchildren.

I was feeling hopeless and distanced from my family.

My struggles seemed never-ending until I ran into a fellow grandma at the grocery store. She told me about a simple daily "ritual" and I decided to check it out.

It was time to break the endless cycle of hiding in oversized clothes and feeling miserable….

I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to reclaim my healthy self back.

I wanted to ride bikes and do all kinds of fun activities with my grandchildren.
A 10-second morning routine made all the difference..
After years of failed diets and hopeless feelings, I started implementing this quick daily "ritual" and in no time all the folds around my waistline started to just melt away.

This new ritual did a hardcore reset to my body. My blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels were all regulated.

I learned not to blame myself ……

I STOPPED doing all of the following …..

a. starving yourself...
b. daily boring exercise...
c. depriving yourself of your favorite foods...
d. Blaming genetics, hormones, or metabolism…

But I told myself, IT IS NOT MY FAULT!
Once I realized that this simple daily "ritual" basically CHANGED MY LIFE.

My Results ......
Amazing, absolutely exceeds my expectations!

Since I Started the Morning Routine My results are remarkable.

I eat whatever I want, whenever I want...
Numbers on the scale are dropping effortlessly...
Never have to spend hours a week doing boring exercise...
Energy bar is going up ...

My other challenges gradually disappeared too…..

- Back Pain
- Headaches
- Chronic Fatigue
- Mood Swings
- Hunger
- General Fogginess
- Lack of Energy
- Bloating
- Irritability

I love who I have become because of a simple routine at the age of 60.

Today, I am 60 and I feel even better than I did at 44!!!

Now I can go for bike rides, swimming, and hiking with my family, I can play with my grandchildren for hours without getting tired.

I never imagined this would be me, if I can do this anyone can too!

I’m so passionate about sharing this simple daily "ritual" with anyone who will listen…I want everyone to start their own amazing transformation!

I want others to feel happier in their skin, and happier in their clothing. So the button below will direct those who are interested in learning all about this simple method to the same video that completely transformed my life.

To your Health and Success


Check out the video below and see if this ritual can work for you too! Just tap the blue button below to begin your journey:
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